Sunday, December 7, 2008

Avon Calling !

I got a call yesterday from my "Avon Lady" who is also my friend and a Diaper Darling.

She had been at my house last week and saw our "little TV" in the den. Our big TV "popped" this past summer and fearing it might catch on fire we trashed it.

Not ready go get a new one I took the "little TV" from the sun room/ play room - not very big but it works. You can not see it from the table so we would have to use TV trays if we were watching TV - about 3 ft. from the TV - and eating.

Anyway she called me yesterday to tell me she had a surprise for me - when I ask what it was - she said if she told me it would not be a surprise and could I come by and get it or she could give it to me at church today. Wondering what in the world it was - as soon as I could I headed to her house.

She was almost laughing with excitement when I got there - showing me into her den there on her couch was a TV - much bigger then the one we had in our den. It had a tiny purple bow on it - she said it was for us ! I was laughing - that was so funny!

I told her we were looking at flat screens but just had not decided on one yet - she said this would work until we had time to get our new TV and then I could " up grade" and use this bigger one in the sun room / play room - she did not want it back.

Her husband put it in the van and I was laughing all the way to Target - where I was headed from her house.

Living with a family member having ALS - I just do not have much to laugh about. But living with a family member with ALS I have learned to accept what people do for us from their heart. People always ask us what we need but when people see what we need - and just give it or do it it means so much more. We can buy a new TV - but finding the time to go shop for it is hard but we will get a new TV at some point. We are so blessed by the many people who have helped us in one way or the other over the past 15 years that Marcie has been DX with ALS.

So yesterday I had a good laugh and now we have a TV we can actually see from the dinning room and the kitchen - - - and my grandsons can have their TV back in the play room to play their games on - and my Avon Lady did something from her heart !

So thanks Avon Lady for your friendship and your love !

Friday, November 28, 2008

It was so warm in Texas on Thanksgiving Day...

we ate dinner outside with family and friends - only bothered by one bumble bee that must have liked the sweet potatoes !

We even had a fire going just for fun !

Monday, November 10, 2008

A visit with Ben, Savannah, Ethan, Drew and Suzanne

I went to see the kiddo's today- I can no longer call them babeis - I had not seen them in such a long time but as I told Suzanne - it is like I see them very often since I read her blog after every new posting -

Ethan is walking, Drew and Ben are trying to walk taking a few steps now and then. Miss Savannah is talking -saying works and making MOO noises like a cow and meaning it to be MOO like the sound a cow makes.

They are the friendless little people - they had not seen me in who knows how long but they gave me hugs like I had seen them yesterday -

So much fun to just sit back and watch them play -

They are such sweet, happy and healthy children to have started out so small - good parenting from Suzanne and Joe and as Suzanne said also with the help of the Diaper Darlings who obey the strict rules of when not to go love on those babies -

Friday, November 7, 2008

A true sign of fall in Texas!

The leaves on the trees in my back yard are all turning red, orange, yellow and brown mixed with a few green leaves - the leaves are so colorful - soon they will all turn brown and fall to the ground.
When I was a child, growing up in Waco Texas, my parents had a huge pyracantha bush in the front yard - the berries were orange and red so a few years ago I got one and put in my back yard. It reminds me of my child hood.
The berries are so heavy on some of the branches they are pulling the branches down.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jr. High Football game

It has been several years since I attended a Junior High football game. When my oldest daughter was in the 9th. grade, which was still Jr. high then, she was in the pep squad so we attended every game that year. When Marcie was in the 9th grade she was a Cheerleader so we attended every game that year. And when my son was in the 7th, 8th and 9th grades we attended every game during these 3 years - but that was a long time ago - since my kids graduated from high school in 1986, 1989 and 1994.

But last night we all attended a junior high football game to watch my oldest grandson play football. I had forgotten how 7th. grade boys could be so different in height - - - note 73 and 69 are both 7th. graders and standing on flat ground.

We ventured to this same football field a few weeks ago to watch my grandson as he played his trumpet with his Jr. High band when they play at half time with the High School band - the stadium was very handicap accessible so we ventured to the stadium again last night and we hope to go one more time before football season is over.

I learned - actually from Suzanne since she caries all her 4 babies stuff in a back pack - to get a back pack. So I got a back pack with lots of zippers and put labels on all the different compartments so I would not forget what was where. So I had all the medical supplies I would need just in case I needed something while we were there. The backpack worked great so I highly recommend it it you deal with a wheelchair and medical supplies you just might need while away from your home or van.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMy Backpack

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is the Bible God's written word!

Savannah xxxxDrew xxxxBen xxxxEthan Steece

The "Diaper Darling", and as my grandson said "Diaper Dudes" meaning the grandpa's who go, are back on a regular basis. We did not go on a regular basis this past summer since the Stacee's were traveling and they had company in to visit them.

So now the Diaper Darling and Diaper Dudes are getting to love on these kids a couple of days a week for a few hours and some even go on Sunday mornings. Even thought we did not go on a regular basis this past summer some did go over just for fun.

I wanted the kids to have a Sunday school class on Sunday morning while Joe and Suzanne were able go to church so the Diaper Darlings will have Cradle Roll class for the kids on Sunday since they are unable to leave their home from now till April because of RSV - a respiratory disease that could effect the kids since they were born 2 months early.

They are looking at Bibles in these picture - or in the case of Ben he is eating his Bible - during the lesson the Diaper Darlings sing songs about Jesus and show them objects that go along with the songs and the lessons.





Thanks to Jody and her husband Lee for going on this first Sunday morning in October and for taking these neat pictures.

And thanks to Leslie and Sue W. for getting the songs and the props to be used in the lessons -

Suzanne's blog:

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where was this picture taken?

For the past 15 seasons I have been here - I have done so many different things here -I worked 5 days a week, 15 years ago, in the summer, Monday - Friday, when school was out for the summer-then as the years went by I cut back my hours - a little more each year - now I only work one afternoon a week for a few hours on Saturday.

I take tickets at the Picnic Pavilion on Sat. afternoons just for fun.

This is my team + 2 others who were not there today -

The weather was a little hot today - no wind at all - but it was nice being outside with my friends.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanks for visiting my blog?

This is what some of the trees in my back yard look like today in Texas but in a few weeks they will start changing colors - I love the fall when all the leaves turn different colors.

And this is one of the trees in the front yard.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Helping to form yet another team to Share the Care for Quads

Today I talked to the coordinator of Tina's Share the Care team - helping her to get all the forms in order, talking about having the main meeting to organize the team, to have back ground checks run on all the volunteers, etc... It is always a good idea when you are having people into your home you do not really know to have back ground checks run - it is done at many church for those teaching the children.

And you must have very strict rules about hand washing and sickness being brought into a home with one new baby let alone 4 new babies. And only people coming in who are on the scheduled.

Tina and her coordinator will have their group meeting soon to start her team - so all will be in place when Tina gets to start bringing her babies home.

If anyone reading this needs to start a Share the Care team for multiples or for a single person needing help for medical needs just ask and I will be glad to help you get started.

It is very easy - but it does take some coordinating at first -

Check out Tina's blog about her quads:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another team of "Diaper Darlings" to Share the Care

Three of the Lemonovich quads are home - John & Carrie's team - also named the "Diaper Darling" are helping care for 3 or their 4 quads - Elizabeth, John and Claire- as well as their young son Luke - they live in PA. They hope Kate will be home with them soon.

Read more about John & Carrie and their quads on Carrie's blog:

Carrie's sister, Susie, who I have been in contact with by email and phone is coordinating her team of "Diaper Darlings".

Monday, September 8, 2008

"Guests" from the hurricanes

On Monday Sept. 1, 2008 the Family Life Center at North Davis was all set up and ready to receive 140 "guests" from Louisiana as they arrived needing shelter from the hurricane. We were one of 3 shelters opened in Arlington to care for these people who had to leave their homes since the hurricane was headed their way. Three years ago to the day our church opened its doors to welcome our "guest" when Katrina hit. That time our "guests" stayed several weeks - this time our "guests" only had to stay from Monday afternoon till Wed. morning.

But now we may be doing it all over again with this next hurricane coming - we were told Sunday morning to be ready - we will be opening our doors again if people need our help this time from the Galveston and Houston areas -

Both times I helped - it is so nice to be a member of such a giving church -

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Quads !

Another set of Quads were born on Monday August the 18th. in Ft. Worth - three boys and a girl.

Check out McLean, Party of Eight blog:

Suzanne S. and I went to visit Tina a few weeks ago to talk to her about setting up her Share the Care team for her new babies.

Carrie's quads born in PA. June 24, also at 26 week, will start going home soon -

See her blog for more information about her babies:

I have talked to Carrie's sister by phone and email about setting up her Share the Care team for their quads -

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Diaper Darlings Party

Sunday Aug. 3, 2008

Ben knew to get rid of that tissue paper fast. Savannah started chewing on her bear as soon as she got it out of the sack. Yes - they are washable !

Drew - Savannah - Ethan - Ben
I sewed their names on their bears when I made them.

And now on to the Diaper Darlings party !

xxxxxxxxxxxxxJoyce xxSuexx Libbyxx Tempexx Lacyxx Linda

The first four are 4 of the 6 Captains for this team. Lacy is Suzanne's best friend from childhood and then me - the coordinator for this team of Mom's, Grandma's, Grandpa, and Great Grandma. Just think of all the "adopted" grandparents these kid's have! And one Diaper Darling will have her first child in March.

Below the pictures you will find the story of the Diaper Darlings with links to the Share The Care web site. It was so much fun having all of us together at one time and loving on those kiddo's. And yes I made the cake for this party also.

You did not have to worry about stepping on a child - they were never put down !

I like to I write about my daughter Marcie and how ALS has affected her life and my life - I also write about Share the Care – a wonderful way to share the care to others who may need a few extra helping hands at one time or another. It could be helping a family who has sickness in their family as my family does or helping a family who has been blessed with multiple babies all born at the same time. In both cases the families can do without the extra help but to those who lend the helping hands – they are the one so blessed.
I have helped a lot of families form Share the Care teams – for people who have a family member with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) or as I have done in the past few months - help families of multiples form care teams for their new babies.
I like giving back to others that which was given to me!
I did not understand this until I had the opportunity to coordinate the Diaper Darling.
Ten years ago I was teaching preschool and a group of people gave me some extra helping hand for 5 years – you can read all about this on the Share the Care web site
and read about Marcie’s Guardian Angel Team at - or look to the right of the page and you will also find the link: Share the Care for Marcie / Steece Quads.
I finally understood 9 years later what people had told me for the 5 years they help me – they were the ones blessed by helping me and Marcie.
The Diaper Darling – the “friends” who give Suzanne extra helping hands – are all Volunteers – mostly grandma and grandpa – some even great grandma – a few young mothers. The Steece quads have given the Diaper Darlings such great joy! Going to the Steece’s house is so much fun. I do not get to go nearly as often as I would like since I do care for Marcie at home - but all the Diaper Darling have told me many time what a joy it is lending extra hands to love on those babies and get loved back. And the Diaper Darling are so appreciated by Suzanne, Joe and their families – most living out of town so we are their “in town” family.
I say all this so everyone reading this understands being a part of this team is so neat. God gave Suzanne and Joe 4 babies all at one time because HE knew they could care for them alone – but HE gave the Diaper Darlings to the Steece’s because HE knew the Steece quads had so much love to give to others !
If you want to know more about how to form a Share the Care team just ask me - leave me your email address I'll be glad to help you.
We had a GREAT party on Aug. 3 – to celebrate us as Christians being able to share the care – and isn’t that what God’s people do!

Visit Suzanne's blog for more info and pictures:

Friday, August 8, 2008

Drew, Savannah, Ethan and Ben Steece are now ONE year old !

The Steece quads had a birthday last Friday - not one but two parties - one on Sat. for family and friends and another on Sunday afternoon for the Diaper Darlings - all the Volunteers and their families who have helped Suzanne and Joe since the kiddos all got home from the hospital last October -

I have pictures from both parties but I am waiting for Suzanne to post more picture's of the birthday party first -

I did go with her and the kiddos last Wed. to Ft. Worth to go visit Tina - she is in the hospital now on bed rest waiting the arrival of her quads - it was very interesting as we maneuvered our way from the parking garage to the Dr. office who delivered her quads last year, to the floor of the hospital where Suzanne spent maybe 6 weeks before her babies were born - that is where were found Tina - that is where I first met Suzanne - and then as we were leaving - we stopped by NICU were her kiddos spent the first few weeks of their lives.

As Suzanne said - I am used to this but you are not -everyone we passed said "four" or fell over each other getting out the door of a room to see FOUR kids in a very long stroller -

One little boy announced - "that is to many babies" -

It was a very interesting outing for me - I loved it - the kids were great ! And we were gone about 3 hours.

My husband was at home with Marcie or I could never have gone.

We will help Tina set up a Share The Care team for her quads.

posted Sunday Aug. 10

Happy 1st. Birthday to
Drew, Savannah, Ethan and Ben Steece!

I made the caterpillar using jumbo cup cake pans.

The theme of the birthday party was "bugs"!
I used regular and mini size cup cake pans and made them into bumble bees and lady bugs.

Lots of mini bumble bees and lady bugs!

Ben xxEthanxx Savannahxxxxxx Drew
Suzanne and Joe

Suzanne is taking a big #1 candle out to each cup cake before giving them to the kids to eat.

Drew was born first

Then Savannah

Then Ethan
Then Ben --- all born only a minute apart

The kiddos were striped down to their diapers and taken outside for their birthday cake - we sang Happy Birthday 4 time. Each child is an individual and deserves his/ her own Happy Birthday song to be sung to them. Singing first to Drew, Savannah, Ethan and then Ben in their birth order.

I think it was about 105 degrees in Texas or more on the day of their birthday party so we were not outside for very long - just long enough to watch the kids "play" in their birthday cup cake, lick their fingers and then we all went back inside to the air conditioning.
See her blog for more pictures.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Danielle and Deanna

posted: July 19, 2008

These little girls - now young ladies - were so much a part of our lives for so many years -even though they do not live on our same street nor in our same city any more they will remain a part of our lives forever.

Sitting in the same rocking chairs in the same house (mine) just taken 17 years apart.
xxxxxxSummer 1990xxxxxxxxxxxDanielle and DeannaxxxxxxxxxxSummer 2007
So you are having a birthday - and you will be 20 years old.
Happy Birthday Danielle and Deanna !
Deanna and Danielle - we kinda adopted them when they were born - their grandparents lived in Ft. Worth and Lubbock but there was only one house between their and ours so we saw them just about every day- they stayed with us, they slept with us, they ate with us. Such fun to watch them grow. They were in my daughter's wedding when they are 3 years old and one day and they did great walking down the aisle.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJuly 1991
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDrewxxxxDaniellexxx Deanna

xDeanna will be going out of state in the fall to attend an art school while Danielle will remain in Texas. Thank goodness for computers and free calling on cell phones - this will be the first time they have been separated.
For their graduation from high school - but I gave it to them a year late - I made them each a scrapbook of all the pictures I had taken of them since they were born till last summer when they came for a visit.
Here are 3 of my favorite pictures I found of my kids and the girls when I was making the scrapbooks:
My older daughter and her now husband going to a Halloween part at the Bible Chair at UTA in Oct. 1989. xx
Marcie and the girls at Six Flags - a place I took them ever year from the time they were about 4 till they move when they were in - I think - the 6th. grade - This was Dec. 1992
My son and the girls after Arlington's 4th. of July parade - the BIG SAM Bell with them in July 1993. The girls were on the float for the "Mothers of Multiples" and my son was a bell guard for his high school.

And by the way - their Mothers birthday is today also SOOOO Happy Birthday

to all 3 of you!

In Memory of my friend Terry

I wrote this 3 months ago - I did post it but then I took it off for some reason - I have seen Janice a couple of times since the service for Terry and talked to her more than I have seen her - but we do have a trip planned to go to Six Flags when it get cooler - say Sept. when the crafters are there. I think of Terry and Janice so often.

Terry and Janice and their dog Josie -
at the Walk to D'feet ALS
in Oct. '03in Waco, Texas -
my home town.

Terry and myself in Lubbock, Texas at the Walk to D'feet ALS in Oct. '01.

My friend Terry died Saturday night, April 19, 2008 from ALS. I was called 5 minutes after Terry passed away. I had talked to Janice that morning and she told me not to come - she would need me more later so I did as I wished and stayed home - not going to the hospital.

I met Terry and Janice about 10 years ago - soon after Terry was diagnosed with ALS - Lou Gehrig's disease. We met at an ALS support group meeting in Arlington and quickly became friend. Both Terry and Janice had a great out look on life, always joking. Janice tried to raffle Terry off at several fund raiser for ALS but no one would take him. Although she never really would give him away.
One weekend she gave Terry to me for a day - Janice and Terry picked my up and she took Terry and I to DFW airport and we flew to Lubbock for the Walk to D'feet ALS which we were on the committee for - being on the newly formed board of the ALS Association North Texas Chapter. I had friends who met us at the airport and took us to the walk site and at the end of a vary long and tiring but fun day my son, Brad, picked us up at DFW airport on our return trip. On our return trip Terry pointed out the land below -- describing the different things we could see from the air and why they were that way.

For two years Janice and Terry went to Waco with me, monthly, as we organized the Walk to D'feet ALS in Waco. If Janice could not go Terry would go with me. Such great friends. Always there when I needed them. Terry was my computer buddy - coming over to help me with my computer when needed. Making DVD's to be used at our Kick Off events for the Walks and helping me with all sorts of computer problems. Terry was the only person with ALS Marcie ever wanted to meet - which she did - several time as he helped me with my computer at my house. (well, come to think of it she may have met Dave - another friends with ALS who had been to our house). I will miss his great smile and his laugh.
Last time I saw them they were eating ice cream at Costco - when I bent down to give him a hug I hit the controls of his power chair and moved his chair - he said that happens all the time and we had a good laugh from that.
My dear friend will be missed by many people but especially his sweet wife Janice and myself. But he is smiling now and walking and his fingers are straight and always will be.
Written Monday April 20, 2008

Terry's service was today - Wed. April 23.
It was said at his service that ALS is not only Lou Gehrig's disease - it is Terry's disease , Marcie's disease, Janice's disease and Linda's disease (myself) etc... meaning ALS not only effects the person whose body ALS takes over but every member of the family - and this is so true. ALS is a monster disease with no cause, no cure and not even a treatment!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Steece quads are almost a year old.

Savannah, Ethan (solid blue), Drew, (stripes), and Ben are almost one year old - I got to spend the afternoon with them today - they are so precious - each has his/her own personality -and they love every one -this was taken just before they sat at their table to have their supper - real food - real baby food that is - Ben could not get enough and Drew - he ate since I offered it to him - Joyce was feeding Savannah and Ethan -

The boys are crawling and Savannah scoots on her tummy. They are trying to pull up - Ethan is very close to doing so with Drew right behind him. I am so blesses to have these 4 Gifts from God in my life and to know and love their parents, Joe and Suzanne, like my own kids.