Sunday, February 8, 2009

Twin girls - born last night

The youngest of the Diaper Darlings is now a Mom to twin girls -Kinley Margaret and Madelyn Clare were born last night close to 9:00 to Chris and Elizabeth. Suzanne sent me a text and soon after I headed to the hospital. I have know Elizabeth since she was born and it seamed fitting that I was at the hospital when her girls were born.

Here is Elizabeth's blog where Suzanne is keeping everyone posted on the twins.

Picturers are up with more to follow I am sure- - -

Elizabeth was OK when I saw her for just a second last night after the delivery and Chris was on cloud 9 - camera in hand - when I left the hospital at 10:00 he was in the waiting room surrounded by family and friends already down loading pictures on his lap top for all to see.

So check her blog to watch these precious "Gifts from God" grow.

I can not wait to really see the girl in person - I got a tiny glimpse of one in the NICU through a crack in the door last night.

Thank you God for keeping this family safe and for giving them 2 precious little girls.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

15 years with ALS

It has now been 15 years since our lives were changed forever - first diagnosed in Dallas and then a trip to Houston to confirm that our daughter - only 23 years old at that time - had ALS(Lou Gehrig's Disease). A disease that strikes the average age of a person 55 years old - more men than women - however since I have been learning more and more about this "monster" disease it strikes ALL AGES. It has no treatment or cure. If you do not know - it is a progressive degenerative muscle disease - killing the motor neurons in your body which makes you muscles work.

Here is the site for MDA /ALS division on line:
and ALSA national web site:

However my daughter has "Beaten the Odds" - fighting to live well past what the doctors told us to expect which just goes to show God is in control of our live. HE still has plans for Marcie and our family. She has touched so many lives in her lifetime.

I am so very proud of my daughter - she has NEVER GIVEN UP !

Going from a very active person to a wonderful adult. She is so smart and can communicate so fast on her Eye Response computer called ERICA.

I could go on and on about her but I will not.

The children from down the street come by to see her - they came on her birthday - a very cold night in Nov. and sang Happy Birthday to her from the porch as she sat inside the house. The other day they came down and stood at her window saying "Hi Marcie" "Hi Marcie" and as Hannah left - she is 5 - she said "I love you Marcie".

We pray for a miracle everyday - maybe it will happen soon.