Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh No - our preacher went to jail ! ! !

Two weeks ago - Sept. 24, - our preacher went to jail - he was picked up at church and taken to jail and had to stay there till he raised bail.
He went to jail in honor of Marcie for MDA -the Muscular Dystrophy Association - he raised $3,512.00 - so he did get out of jail.
Thanks Doug for going to jail for Marcie and others for a second time -
Thanks to all who bailed him out of jail !

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

middle school football game

If I had only had my camera set on landscape and not on close up it would not have been blurry.
But I can see him -

Again we ventured out to a middle school football game this year. This is the only game we can go to this year -all other games are played at a middle school field but when his games are at the high school we get to go since the staduim is handicap accesable -where the middle school fields are not. And I found the elevator that can take us up higher in the staduim if he play in the high school band next year.

Storms were in our area but all had passed by game time - so off we went - the boys still some taller than others - it was a nice outing a little cool but not cold. I got to see both my grandsons -one playing football on the field and the other playing in the stands.