Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just an ordinary Saturday afternoon EXCEPT ...

Would you believe ... this grandma was in a dance recital at Texas Hall on the
UTA campus today.
I have not done that since I was 5 or 6 years old living in Waco when I took tap and ballet
from the Hoffmanette's.

Last Sept. I started taking tap at the Dance Invasion Studio and it has been so much fun. Every Tuesday night I must make my brain, my feet and my arms all work together - - it is challenging but so much fun. At one time we had 15 in our class but several dropped out and we ended up with 8 of us. Three grandmothers are in this group.

We tapped to Michael Jackson's "I'm Bad" - note red jackets, short black pants and white socks.

Before Marcie was diagnosed with ALS in 1994, she danced on this very same stage - she was in the UTA Dance Ensemble. She is glad I am taking this tap class. And as a UTA cheerleader - she cheered at the basketball game at Texas Hall.

The last "act" is a Daddy/Daughter Dance - from age two up - I think 18 was the oldest daughter to dance with her Dad on stage. It was so cute to watch and the Dad's did great.

Here is the link to their web site:

Classes start up again in July - so if you are an adult and want to learn to tap - come join our class - it is really fun ! ! !

Jami McBroom is the owner and our teacher.

June 10th. Thanks MDA for our visit to the Dallas Arboretum

Last Thursday our grandsons were here -- MDA had given us some tickets for the Dallas Arboretum and it was Marcie's idea to go when the boys were with us - so off we went - the day started out cloudy but ended out being hot but we had a good time anyway - we got some lunch at a QT near by and ate at the Arboretum.