Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where was this picture taken?

For the past 15 seasons I have been here - I have done so many different things here -I worked 5 days a week, 15 years ago, in the summer, Monday - Friday, when school was out for the summer-then as the years went by I cut back my hours - a little more each year - now I only work one afternoon a week for a few hours on Saturday.

I take tickets at the Picnic Pavilion on Sat. afternoons just for fun.

This is my team + 2 others who were not there today -

The weather was a little hot today - no wind at all - but it was nice being outside with my friends.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanks for visiting my blog?

This is what some of the trees in my back yard look like today in Texas but in a few weeks they will start changing colors - I love the fall when all the leaves turn different colors.

And this is one of the trees in the front yard.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Helping to form yet another team to Share the Care for Quads

Today I talked to the coordinator of Tina's Share the Care team - helping her to get all the forms in order, talking about having the main meeting to organize the team, to have back ground checks run on all the volunteers, etc... It is always a good idea when you are having people into your home you do not really know to have back ground checks run - it is done at many church for those teaching the children.

And you must have very strict rules about hand washing and sickness being brought into a home with one new baby let alone 4 new babies. And only people coming in who are on the scheduled.

Tina and her coordinator will have their group meeting soon to start her team - so all will be in place when Tina gets to start bringing her babies home.

If anyone reading this needs to start a Share the Care team for multiples or for a single person needing help for medical needs just ask and I will be glad to help you get started.

It is very easy - but it does take some coordinating at first -

Check out Tina's blog about her quads:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another team of "Diaper Darlings" to Share the Care

Three of the Lemonovich quads are home - John & Carrie's team - also named the "Diaper Darling" are helping care for 3 or their 4 quads - Elizabeth, John and Claire- as well as their young son Luke - they live in PA. They hope Kate will be home with them soon.

Read more about John & Carrie and their quads on Carrie's blog:

Carrie's sister, Susie, who I have been in contact with by email and phone is coordinating her team of "Diaper Darlings".

Monday, September 8, 2008

"Guests" from the hurricanes

On Monday Sept. 1, 2008 the Family Life Center at North Davis was all set up and ready to receive 140 "guests" from Louisiana as they arrived needing shelter from the hurricane. We were one of 3 shelters opened in Arlington to care for these people who had to leave their homes since the hurricane was headed their way. Three years ago to the day our church opened its doors to welcome our "guest" when Katrina hit. That time our "guests" stayed several weeks - this time our "guests" only had to stay from Monday afternoon till Wed. morning.

But now we may be doing it all over again with this next hurricane coming - we were told Sunday morning to be ready - we will be opening our doors again if people need our help this time from the Galveston and Houston areas -

Both times I helped - it is so nice to be a member of such a giving church -