Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sun in Texas today!

this is our house today - one week after the BIG snow in Texas

all that is left of the snow from last week - taken this morning about 9:00
Feb. 18th
and it is 58 degrees now at 12:30
Come On Spring!

10 inches of snow at our house - A Record Snow Fall

our snow covered house

It started snowing early in the morning on Thursday Feb. 11, it was still dark outside - and it never stopped till late on Friday Feb. 12. It was beautiful - especially since we did have to go anywhere - we had all we needed - even if we lost power - which we never did - but the batteries were charged and the generator was read if we needed -
glad I had some rain boots !

looking to the south from our house

looking to the east on our street

across the street

looking north on our street

our mail box

trees in our back yard facing the west

looking down our street to the north - again
This was the last time I measured but it kept falling all Thursday night -

MDA's Stride and Ride

We had 22 people walking at Cowboys Stadium and this team raised $3,573 for MDA and ALS research - thanks to all who donated and all who came to walk - the stadium was packed with walkers!