Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sat. Sept. 19 was a nice day in Texas

Linda K and Eileen came to Arlington this past Sat. Linda K is in a clogging group from Corsicana called the Corsicana Cloggers and they were clogging at Six Flags Over Texas. When Linda K and I were young (friends since the 2nd. grade) we roller skated a lot - having birthday parties and going to birthday parties at Pittman Roller Skating rink in Waco. When Linda K told me she was in a clogging group I thought that would be so much fun and I wanted to do it also but I could not find a group close to me. So I have started the next best thing - a few weeks ago I started taking tap classes - I love the class - most of the ladies are teachers or retired teachers or their children are taking a dance class at the same time in the room over from our tap class - and it is right down the street from my house.
Sat. was fun watching Linda K's goup as well as watching lots of other clogging groups. The weather was so nice - not like the Sat. before when it rained buckets of water from the skies.