Monday, April 12, 2010

Steece Quads are growing

Benxxxxxxxxx Drewxxxxxxxxx Ethan
This was taken at the Tarrent twins first birthday party in Feb.
nDrew Savannah Ethan Ben
Kinley Madelyn


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,,,,,,xxx Me and Miss Savannah
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthe 3 picturers were taken by Suzanne xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And this was taken today

Taken in front of the room that was once my class room - the plaque on the door says:

This Classroom Equipped
In Honor Of
Linda Gibson
2 Cool!

Someone gave money to equip this class room and the center room in honor of me - what an honor to me and to know that my name will always be on my classroom door.

I taught at this preschool for 20 years.
I had to stop teaching 7 years ago in May 2003 to care for Marcie full time.

bbbbbbb bb Drewcc Suzanne ccBen ccSavannahcc Lindacc Ethan

xxxxxxxxxxx xx Thanks Ruth for taking this picture.

We are standing in front of the door that used to be my preschool class room. The kids are growing so - they will be 3 on Aug. 1st. I do not get to see them much but you cannot tell it -they are such loving and friendly kids and they are talking so much. How lucky I am to have this family in my life.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Susan

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Susan and Linda

Today is Susan's birthday - our Mother's were friends since they were in the 2nd. grade in Waco - Susan's grandmother hand beaded the top to my wedding dress - which I still have and treasure since every bead was put on with so much love -

The piano in the back ground was a built in 1907 - it was a graduation gift to my Mom when she graduated from Waco High School in the early '30 - I learned to play on it and so did my brother - and so did my daughters and now my 2 grandson's take piano lessons and play on it - it is at their house now.

So Happy Birthday Susan Kay Moran Williams - and many more !