Saturday, July 25, 2009

Long time friends !

Long time friends came to visit today -
I could not go to our high school runion so 3 of my friends came to me - we ate, shopped and looked at Arlington's newest attraction -the Cowboy's stadium.

me- Linda K - Eileen - Brenda
This was taken Senior Day in Waco - a few years ago -

Me - Eileen - Brenda - Beverly

Me - Eileen - Brenda today


Taken not sure when this was taken - elementary school maybe

for a very special party.

Susan - Me
Linda K - Susie
Linda K and me today

Now we are planning our next outing in Sept.
It was a very very fun day !
I had not seen these friends in several years -
they do not live in Arlington.

I met Linda K when we were in the 2nd. grade - I have always called her Linda K since we had 5 Linda's in our Blue Bird group so we all had to go by our first and middle names.
Eileen we met in junior high - North Jr. -
and Brenda we met in high school - Richfield High school.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our float -Noah's Ark - number 141 - was one of the last floates to pull out of the UTA's parking lot on a very hot but windy Saturday July 4th. in Arlington's 4th. of July parade - the largest 4th of July parade in Texas. The float was filled with children from North Davis Church of Christ - children from age 4 to 11. With parents and grandparents walking along side the float.

The fireman made an arch with their ladders for us to go under - however this is looking back after we had gone under the arch of the ladders.
This was the first year for North Davis to be in the parade - I think every one had a good time - I know I did - I walked with them.

Friday, July 3, 2009

What Is IT?

Go to downtown Arlington, TX tomorrow, Sat. The 4th of July, at 9:00 and see just what this is!
But you will have to wait a while - out of 150 units we are 141.