Friday, June 27, 2008

Gas Prices in Texas

I had to fill our mini van tonight with gas -it was very empty- at $3.86 cents a gallon it cost $77.00 to fill it - I do not usually fill the van my husband dose but it was so empty and we try to keep it filled if we need a fast trip to the hospital or the like - so tonight he was busy and Marcie as sitting outside with him - when I got back home I showed her the ticket - her eyes got so big.

So that was my adventure for today -

Monday, June 9, 2008

Marcie's computer

Here is the web site about Marcie's computer that reads the retina of her eye - the computer she uses is called ERICA and made by Eye Response Technologies. It will speak and she can control things in her room like her TV, VCR, DVD, radio, she can email and send Instant Messages - You can see her computer and how it is attached to her power chair in this picture to the right of this post.