Sunday, December 7, 2008

Avon Calling !

I got a call yesterday from my "Avon Lady" who is also my friend and a Diaper Darling.

She had been at my house last week and saw our "little TV" in the den. Our big TV "popped" this past summer and fearing it might catch on fire we trashed it.

Not ready go get a new one I took the "little TV" from the sun room/ play room - not very big but it works. You can not see it from the table so we would have to use TV trays if we were watching TV - about 3 ft. from the TV - and eating.

Anyway she called me yesterday to tell me she had a surprise for me - when I ask what it was - she said if she told me it would not be a surprise and could I come by and get it or she could give it to me at church today. Wondering what in the world it was - as soon as I could I headed to her house.

She was almost laughing with excitement when I got there - showing me into her den there on her couch was a TV - much bigger then the one we had in our den. It had a tiny purple bow on it - she said it was for us ! I was laughing - that was so funny!

I told her we were looking at flat screens but just had not decided on one yet - she said this would work until we had time to get our new TV and then I could " up grade" and use this bigger one in the sun room / play room - she did not want it back.

Her husband put it in the van and I was laughing all the way to Target - where I was headed from her house.

Living with a family member having ALS - I just do not have much to laugh about. But living with a family member with ALS I have learned to accept what people do for us from their heart. People always ask us what we need but when people see what we need - and just give it or do it it means so much more. We can buy a new TV - but finding the time to go shop for it is hard but we will get a new TV at some point. We are so blessed by the many people who have helped us in one way or the other over the past 15 years that Marcie has been DX with ALS.

So yesterday I had a good laugh and now we have a TV we can actually see from the dinning room and the kitchen - - - and my grandsons can have their TV back in the play room to play their games on - and my Avon Lady did something from her heart !

So thanks Avon Lady for your friendship and your love !