Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall brought football games ~

Fall brought high school football games but for us half time performance of the band was the only reason we went to the game !

Half time is about to start! The band is on the field and ready to preform!

Instruments UP

All Together -- March

Preforming their competition performance for 2011.

They all look alike - no way I can pick out my grandson except at the very beginning of the performance - but then I have learned his walk and can sometimes pick him out in the band. Sometimes!! I did go to practice when they were not wearing their uniforms and tried to watch some of his positioning during practice and that helped.

From Friday night football to Monday night football !

To the middle school football games - I can find my youngest grandson here but only because I know his number !!

Ready for that football !

Waiting his turn to go into the game.