Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mr. Six and Bugs Bunny at Six Flags Over Texas

Monday started out at a neighbor's swimming pool - we all went - my 2 grand boys, Marcie, her Dad and myself. Only the boys got in the water.

Later in the afternoon we went to play with the Steece quads - again we all went!

We started outside in their back yard but we were chased in the house by a wasp right where we were - - -

Drew was very fascinated with the wheels on Marcie's wheelchair - saying "wheel, wheel" over and over and pointing to the wheel on her chair. Then he discovered the letter board between Marcie and the side of her wheelchair - he then started moving it up and down and as doing so saying "up" "down" as he moved the board in that direction - he knew the difference between up and down! Smart little boy! And he is not even 2 years old yet.

On Tuesday after a rain shower in the morning my 2 "grand boys" and myself headed to Six Flags Over Texas for a few hours in the afternoon.

After ridding all the rides they wanted to ride not having to wait in any lines and ridding some rides twice - we saw Mr. Six and the Six Flags Characters dancing at the front gate by the Carousel. Since school was not out for everyone in our area Six Flags was not crowded at all

We had 2 very busy days - enjoying our "grand boys".

This video is not great - it was the first time I was trying to take videos using my new camera and then putting them on my blog - I did have to ask Suzanne for help. Thanks muchly girl - I did get this one to work ---