Saturday, March 14, 2009

Marcie's Prayer Warriors

Here is the youngest member of Marcie's Prayer Warriors - Nate was 3 months old in Jan.
The team walked in the MDA Walk held this past Jan. at Grapevine Mills Mall. Mandy, Nate's mom, has been heading up this team for Marcie, raising money for ALS research, for 9 years now. This year the team raised $3,000 for ALS research. The team is made up mostly of members from our church. We appreciate all they do for us so much ! ! ! This year Mandy was ask to tell the entire group at MDA's Stride and Ride Walk just why she started this team and for whom !
Note the #4 on Nate's cap - this was Lou Gehrig's number when he played for the New York Yankee's baseball team.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Blog to Blog - connecting people

Elizabeth had twins -I signed in on her blog - someone saw my comment and checked out my blog - not unusually - except when this person started thinking back to her childhood something clicked.
When Marcie was first diagnosed with ALS - somehow we met a lady named Brenda who also had ALS - I remember like yesterday -Brenda and her Mom, Marcie and I met for lunch at Grandy's in Richland Hills -I have hardly passed that place in years but when I do I always remember the day I met Brenda and her Mom there.

Brenda had lost her arm strength when we first met - Marcie could still carry her tray but her arms were weak. Brenda could not carry her tray -her mom carried her tray for her. In the months that followed I was caring Marcie's tray as Brenda's Mom had carried hers.

I kept up with Brenda talking to her and her parents on the phone - the somehow - I kinda think her Dad called me to tell me when Brenda lost her battle with ALS. I remember talking to Brenda's daughter at times - just because she answered the phone.

I may have talked to her Mom & Dad - Brenda's Mom & Dad - a couple of times after that and then we lost touch -till this week -

Brenda's daughter Corrie, had gone to ACU with Elizabeth so she was reading Elizabeth's blog - after reading my comment on Elizabeth blog and her checking out my blog Corrie put two and two together and sent me an email saying " This might be the strangest email you will ever receive" explaining just who she was - we have been "talking" ever since by way of email.

Corrie wrote a very sweet posting on her blog today (March 6th) about us reconnecting:

God did this - I just know it - for some reason only known to HIM - HE put us back in touch with each other after all these years.

God does everything for a reason -

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kinley and Madelyn are home

The Tarrant twins got home from the NICU last week - being loved by their parent in their home! I have not been to see them yet but I plan on going very soon.

Check out their blog to see pictures of the twins: