Saturday, July 3, 2010

Arlington's 4th. of July Parade

Debbie Souder just sent this to me from the parade this morning -Jane and I walking behind the float - Thanks Debbie for this picture ! It was taken towards the end of the parade.

How Do You Read Your Bible?

That was the question we ask on our float in this years Arlington 4th of July Parade - which was held on Sat. July 3rd.
The theme of the parade was Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

North Davis Church of Christ Children's Ministry

How Do You Read Your Bible?

On Stone Tablets

The traditional paper Bible

Or on an IPad

After walking a little over 3 miles this morning we finished the parade route at 10:30 - the parade started at 9:00 - it took us about an hour to walk the parade route - we puled out of UTA's parking lot between 9:30 and 9:45 this morning. Very over cast but no rain and no sun so it was not a bad walk -

Now what will be done for next years float?