Tuesday, August 9, 2011

End of school band concerts

Spring band concerts !

Middle school Beginning band- so fuzzy I just turned it into a cartoon picture !

High school: Concert Band One

After the middle school concert I was walking behind my grandsons. I like this picture - they do like each other. 1st years band students wear band school T- shirts. Next year they will dress more appropriately for a band concert - tux shirt, cummerbund and bow tie.


Judy Royal Glenn said...

Just found your blog today! I am part of the ALS community because my mom passed away from ALS in 2004. I think it is neat you are writing a blog about Marcie. I wrote a journal through Mom's experence with ALS. I am putting it on my blog. I feel the Lord wants me to get it published. I likes how you made the statement, "There is a reason for all of this and God is in control of her life." My favorite verse is Romans 8:28. God bless:)

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